Procurement Leaders’ Summit

The pandemic has propelled procurement’s contribution to growth, innovation and transformation like never before. But how do leaders maintain the momentum and make strategic decisions that deliver sustainable and resilient growth?
Find answers to this question and many more at the 2021 Procurement Leaders Summit
The global pandemic has caused a temporary disruption of supply flows and a fundamental shift towards localization of supply and diversification of suppliers, where ever economically possible. After a year and a half of living with a pandemic, we should congratulate ourselves on successfully adapting to the new reality. But as we emerge from the pandemic, new challenges await, brought upon us by the inevitable global economic crisis.

Event Highlights

The conference programme is addressing the challenges of an uncertain future. The main conference topics are strengthening resilience and robustness in the light of macroeconomic, geostrategic and strategic changes, identifying opportunities for innovation and efficiency in procurement, procurement risk management, procurement & purchasing strategies and leadership in the future.

This edition would be held along with
CFO Executive Leadership Summit.

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01.05 pm – 01.55 pm

Registration & Networking

01.55 pm – 02.00 pm

Welcome Note

02.00 pm – 03.00 pm Opening Panel Discussion

Future-Proof Your Procurement And Develop New Ideas To Win During Disruption, And Build Agility Into Systems, Processes & Decision

  • The implications of disruption on global supply chains - How will technology help supply chain remain relevant in changing markets
  • THow to adapt and deal with various forms of global uncertainty, including competitive pressures, sustainability and environmental change
  • TBuild a fully aligned and agreed-upon plan for how to respond to risk events, increased oversight of strategy execution and risk management
  • TCommon way of describing the value proposition of every procurement initiative and how it supports the current business strategy and accelerates decision making
  • THow to leverage a “Procurement 4.0” strategy to combine new technology and revolutionise your operational and administrative processes
  • TWhich trends are worth the cost and risk? What is the hype vs. reality?
  • TThe architecture of organization? Ensuring optimal structure to meet your company’s goals
03.05 pm – 04.05 pm Panel Discussion

A Roadmap For Aligning Procurement And Finance

Aligning procurement and finance takes a commitment to collaboration, which means undertaking tasks together. Panellists would discuss means to commit to a strong collaboration which sees significant benefits for finance, procurement and the larger business.

  • How to identify opportunities for savings where you can work together and optimize processes, If you truly want to accelerate the alignment between procurement and finance
  • A good collaborative effort involves setting a plan for the future. Discuss projected savings and how you plan to achieve those metrics
  • Aligning procurement and finance is all about enhancing the ability to work more closely with each other. Identify how you will limit bottlenecks and ensure both teams are driving toward collective goals
  • How to measure what is working and what isn’t to optimize future processes
04.05 pm – 04.15 pm

Tea / Coffee & Networking Break

04.15 pm – 05.15 pm Panel Discussion

A View Towards The Future Of Sourcing & Procurement – The Increasing Role Of Vendor Management

The role of the procurement has been changed in the last few years. The essence of the procurement activities in the past does not meet the requirements of the VUCA times anymore. The procurement role and strategic target should be adjusted to the market and expectations of the internal and external stakeholders. The only one way to do procurement nowadays is to embed all the activities in the ecosystem of the companies and willingness to understand the expectations and needs. We need to re-orientate our function and approach.

  • The approach towards procurement yesterday, now and tomorrow
  • Strategic direction for the procurement in the future
  • Revenues from the procurement activities instead of savings - Why not?
  • Ecosystem of companies’ management as strategic goal for the procurement in the near future
05.20 pm – 06.20 pm Closing Panel Discussion

Intelligent Procurement Workflows: Harmonizing Technology And Data To Improve Processes, Enhance Customer Experience And Accelerate Value

A successful digitization strategy enables vast value to the business, but it is only part of the story. In this session, panelists will talk on how to work together across business functions to improve management of procurement from the initial requisition to closing out a contract. With intelligent workflows you improve the customer experience, enable innovation from suppliers and partners and elevate your role to a consultant to the business.

This session will provide you with real-world use-case examples, lessons learned and practical tips that address how to get started in addressing the needs of your organization.

06:20 pm

Conference Adjourns


Amita Khurana

Amita Khurana

Chief Procurement Officer, Tata Steel BSL (Formerly Bhushan Steel Limited)
Karan Bhatia

Karan Bhatia

VP - Head Procurement & Facilities, Bharti AXA Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
Amol Kulkarni

Amol Kulkarni

VP - Contracts & Procurement, THINK Gas Distribution Pvt. Ltd.
Aditya Verma

Aditya Verma

VP - Global Procurement, Dorf Ketal Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd.
Manoj Duggal

Manoj Duggal

SVP - Finance (Head Taxation, Finance, Procurement), Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd.
Rakesh Nandan Sharma

Rakesh Nandan Sharma

Global Lead - Technology Procurement, BlackRock
Pradnesh Chodankar

Pradnesh Chodankar

Chief Procurement Officer, DBS Bank India
Kketan C Pabari

Kketan C Pabari

Head - Commercial & Procurement, Aditya Birla Capital Ltd.
Sumit Jhamb

Sumit Jhamb

Chief Procurement Officer, SKH Group


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